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Sometimes silence is music, no noise just the breath as your chest raises and falls. Sitting on top of a mountain, on the soft green grass, as if on a blanket of silky heaven, that tickles and delights your skin, beneath your naked feet.

On top of the world I would sometimes take a rug in my backpack on my treks, high above and in freedom, place it on the ground to sit upon, symbolizing in my thoughts, that I am unclean for the ground, not clean enough yet in body, for speaking to the divinity of such magnificence. To sit on this rug just releasing
all negativity and toxins that have accumulated from daily stress, just contemplating and in prayer, now raise your hands palm out to feel the sun light warm your skin in it’s brilliant and welcoming greeting. It tells you, it missed you. Praising my existence, and knowing within that I should be like this mountain, in
praise, facing the heavens in silent wonder in its strength and majesty.

Close your eyes for a moment and take a trip up the mountain top with me. And I would prostrate myself to the ground in awe and sometimes even agony at just being, and in silent prayer. Being out in nature and feeling the cool caress of the wind, breathing deeply of the invigorating fresh fragrant air, being so high above all civilization, seeing the world in a different view, as an eagle would in flight.

I promise you that you will feel more alive then you ever did and feel a deep peace and perhaps joy at such bliss, even if you don’t have faith you can still connect even to the power of nature. Let everything go, and just be like that mountain at peace. A wonderful experience if you suffer from anxiety, as this will allow you to release all your restless feelings and uncomfortable physical sensations, you will feel nothing but tranquility and an embracing of your mind and body in harmony.

I have come to gain some knowledge in my research and learning of the religions, and have been fortunate and blessed to have been invited to bare witness to many prayer ceremonies and have read the scriptures and words from each Holy Book. It’s difficult to explain as I can’t truly word the feelings that overwhelm me with emotion and sensation, in that in the most simplistic format, I feel a connection with all religions and a deeper understanding that every religion though they may disagree with each other, have a binding to one other a connection to each other with every sentence, perhaps different yet there is an resemblance.

Everyone; no matter if you’re atheist you still desire answers near the end, we seek to be closer to divinity but what we all seek is no matter what religion we come from is the need that there is no final death that awaits us. As death without answers and only oblivion is too terrible to face. So we all seek something, and what we seek is God.

What if you strive through the pain and hardship everyday to only fall in despair, at the end of each sunset, to feel an emptiness of want for something to fill such a void? There is belief that we’re not made to be happy as each year passes that we grow older and some wiser as many would believe or been taught. But be happy that you were created and have life. Live each day knowing that someday you will die, not each year content that you lived another year and cheated death, and that if you don’t make a difference in your life now, from this day onward, as you may never have that chance again. Our time in this life has already been spun on the threads of fate, make justice of the hours you have. And love those around you as your brothers and sisters, treat others with respect, and give love to those you meet, forgive and be charitable always, this doesn’t just mean in gold and silver, but positive emotions and gestures that will not only brighten the day of someone that perhaps never received any kindness, but will make your life more rewarding and fulfilling in return.